Friday, April 25, 2008

Provident Pantry Newsletters...

Each Month there will be a posted Provident Pantry Newsletter.

The Newsletter focuses on our Provident Pantry monthly order item. It contains fun and informative facts about the item. Our Stake Presidency has a short encouraging message as well. There is also a "be ready. be prepared" section which is designed to help families build a 72 hr. Emergency Kit over the next year.

The Newsletter is a great resource to have. It may answer any questions that you have concerning the Provident Pantry Item. We are so lucky to have this wonderful program in place.

A big thank you goes out to all those who are involved in the Provident Pantry Program. Our Stake Provident Pantry Committee is amazing, and have done a lot of work to get this program organized and up and running. Thank you!

Provident Pantry Proposed Ordering Schedule

February 2008
Order of the Month: Honey

Order of the Month: Water Barrels, Purification (Ion Drops) and Bung Wrenches(for opening
barrel bung)

Order of the Month: Hard Red Spring Wheat

Order of the Month: Hard White and Soft White Spring

Order of the Month: Pails- 5 gallon & 2.5 gallon, Large Mylar Bags 20"x30", Oxygen Absorbers

Order of the Month: Other Grains (Optional)

Order of the Month: Salt/Yeast

Order of the Month: Other Grains

Order of the Month: Powdered Non-Instant Milk (Possible Powdered Soy Milk for those who
are lactose intolerant)

Order of the Month: Legumes

December "Put a Twist to Your List this Year!"
Tool Gift Giving Ideas: Bosch, Bread Machine, Grain Mill, Crockpot, Canner, Sprouter,
Flakermill, Soymilk Maker, etc.

Pantry Lifestyle...

A pantry lifestyle is about storing food, but food that you will use today, tomorrow...everyday! It begins with a foundation made up of those basic, good-for-you whole foods.

It encourages the addition of variety so that there is balance in your family's diet, especially during difficult times. Every food item that you store should be used and replenished providing a natural and ongoing rotation.

The Mission of the Provident Pantry Program

Is to teach families how to use the inspired basics- whole foods! It is to encourage both the use of whole foods in meal preparation and the STORAGE of whole foods so that families are building a PANTRY lifestyle with variety. In this way, families are always living in a state of preparedness, knowledge is current and the necessary working tools are on hand in good repair.

The Goal of Provident Pantry

The Goal of Provident Pantry is to:

1. Build faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the words of His Prophets.

2. Assist each family member in the area obtain a one-year basic food foundation for their
pantry in one year.

3. Educate so that each family knows how to use and is using what they have in their basic,
revolving pantry, allowing them to successfully build upon that foundation, through means
faith, workshops, classes, etc